24 Mar 2018

We offer 22 foot tipis complete with one Queen size bed, a convertible sofa that makes another full to queen size bed.  Additional beds can be added as needed.

Other comforts include full bedding, blankets, quilts and throws.  Whateverit takes to make a Tipi a home.

Our goal is to give you the comfort and relaxation to restore yourself at night so you can spend the day enjoying all that the area has to offer.

For colder weather the Tipi's will have wood burning stoves for heat.  Bathroom facilities will be just outside the Tipi.  Showers are located near the kitchen tent.

Because we are in a wilderness area with abounding wildlife it is not safe to keep food in the Tipi's.  Meals can be purchased or you can keep food safe in our kitchen tent facilities if you prefer you own cooking.  The Meals option can be purchased when you arrive for your stay or on a daily basis.  While we want you to emerse youself in your natural surrouonds, we don't want you to wake up to a bear in your tent.  That's a little too close. (Trust me, personal experience, NOT A GOOD THING TO HAVE A BEAR IN YOUR TENT.) (Well, that actually happened in Yosemite.  I woke to a niece, Caleb's Mom, all excited because a bear came into the tent and sniffed me up and down.  I didn't wake up.  I thought she was joking until the other campers in the area were talking about the bear.)

We try to set the Tipis so that they are far enough apart for privacy.  However, sometims other forest neighbors come to visit.