24 Mar 2018

Hunting, Hiking, Fishing, Camping and Snowmobiling are some of the favorite activities in the area.  In researching the camp and our goals we decided that we needed to separate our services to two seasons.  Recreational and Hunting.  While hunting is basically a year round activity here the majority of the hunting is from mid September to the end of November with the start and end of the Deer/Elk season.

Our Summer/Recreational season starts May 15 and runs through September 14.

Elk/Deer General Hunting season Starts September 15 and ends November 27.

See our Hunting page for special options for hunters and licensed guides.

Of course these dates are subject to change if Fish and Game adjust the season opening and ending dates.

At this time we are closed from December 1 through May 14 due to snow.  We are looking in to options that would allow us to remain open for snow season.  So, if you are interested in enjoying winter sports available in the Helena National Forest and Gates of the Mountains Wilderness Area, let us know and keep looking back as things can change quickly around here.

For a list of some attractions around the area scroll to the bottom of this link for several pages of nearby attractions:


You never know when you might find a friend on the trail.